Faculty of Fine Arts and Design

State Pedagogical University ”Ion Creanga”


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Administration of the faculty:
Dean: Ana SIMAC, conf. univ. dr.
Vice Dean: Rodica SPĂTARUlector superior.

Chair of PAINTING:
Head of the department –
Ludmila MOISEI,
conf. univ. dr.

Head of the department –
Olimpiada ARBUZ,
conf. univ. dr.


Head of the department –
conf. univ. dr.


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10 Cornului str. bl. no. 6,Chisinau,
Republic of Moldova. MD-2008
e-mail: fapdcreanga@gmail.com

Tel.: Dean (+373) 22 749383
Tel.: Departments (+373) 22 748881

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Ion Creangă UPS – artistic higher education institution founded in 1979 – the first and only faculty that prepares teachers for artistic education in the Republic of Moldova.

In the present, the faculty consists of qualified specialists in the field of artistic and plastic education, plastic arts and design. The Faculty serves as a methodical center for the continuous training of teaching staff in plastic and technological education disciplines.

Today, at the time of four decades of educational activity, the faculty is in the process of remodeling its infrastructure by modernizing the study spaces and specialized workshops, creating the UniverArt Gallery, the Museum of Visual Arts, the “Open Court for art “in the area adjacent to the faculty, these actions being undertaken in order to ensure a high quality artistic education.

The faculty includes the following specialties:

Cycle I – License

(240 credits)

  • Plastic art with advanced web design (3 years)
  • Technological education (3 years)
  • Plastic Arts and Technological Education (4 years)
  • Painting (4 years)
  • Graphics (4 years)
  • Decorative Arts (4 years)
  • Interior design (4 years)
  • Fashion Design (4 years)


Short-cycle studies Cycle I – License
(duration of studies – 4 years, 240 credits)

  • Technological education
  • Plastic art

At the end of the studies, the students obtain the Bachelor’s degree in Education or Graduate Arts.


Priority courses for specialties:

  • Plastic art with advanced studies in web design – Two-dimensional art. Three-dimensional art; Information and technology culture; Digital graphics techniques; Visual communication through design; Artistic practices in the multimedia context; Artistic photography; Drawing; Painting and composition.
  • Technological Education – Textile Art / Handwriting Techniques; Fashion design; Art of pottery / Artistic ceramics; Artistic Print; Artistic processing of leather, wood and metal; Digital Education.
  • Plastic Art and Technological Education – Plastic drawing and anatomy; Painting and composition; The basics of decorative art; Computer processing of image; Sculpture; Artistic processing of leather, wood and metal; Textile art; Fashion design.
  • Painting – Composition and Chromatology; Easter painting; Monumental painting; Religious painting; Plastic drawing and anatomy; Restoration; Perspective; History of arts; ethnography; Information culture and information technologies in the field.
  • Graphics – Chevron Graphics; Computer-aided graphics; Graphic design; Book Graphics; Engraving Techniques; Plastic drawing and anatomy; The painting; calligraphy; 3D modeling; Photo Art; Graphic authoring techniques.
  • Decorative arts – The basics of decorative arts; Ceramics; Textile textile techniques and technologies; Artistic processing of leather, wood and metal; Fashion design; History of arts; Processing the image to your computer.
  • Interior design – Design and layout; The basics of decorative art; architectural; Representation techniques; Drawing and specialty painting; Landscape design; History of the interior; Information culture and information technologies in the field; Computer aided design; The 3DArchiCad program.
  • Fashion design – Artistic design; Computer-assisted technical design; Specialty technologies; Costume history; architectural; The basics of decorative art; Artistic processing of leather, wood and metal; Textile art; Accessories for clothing.


The study programs are conducted in Romanian and Russian.


In support of the educational approach, the Faculty offers specialized workshops, equipped with the equipment and furniture according to the diversity of courses:

  • Drawing;
  • Easter painting;
  • Ceramics
  • Artificial skin processing;
  • Artistic woodworking;
  • Artistic metal processing;
  • Tapestry;
  • Giuvaiergerie;
  • Artistic Print;
  • Sculpture;
  • Fashion design;
  • Interior design;
  • Laboratories specialized for engraving;
  • Computerized graphics rooms.


Upon graduation, graduates can work as:

  • Teacher of plastic education and technological education;
  • Teacher in art schools for children, artistic creation centers;
  • Freelance plastic artist;
  • Designer in the advertising and editorial sphere, interior designer and designer in the textile industry;
  • Researcher in the field of arts and educational sciences, culturology and ethnography;
  • Arts and Culture Manager.


Cycle II – Master

(duration of studies 1,5 years, 90 credits)

  • Easter painting
  • Artistic costume design
  • Artistic processing of materials
  • Artistic interior design
  • Graphic design
  • Pedagogy of the Fine Arts
  • Management in Arts
  • Study of the arts


Master studies offer the possibility of deepening the competences according to the specialization, the possibility of applying for managerial functions and following the PhD studies.

Title obtained at the end of the studies: Master of Arts or Master of Science in Education.


Cycle III – Doctorate

  • School education on steps and educational subjects (plastic arts, technological education)
  • Vocational pedagogy includes two types of training programs:

* 3 years of study with frequency;

* 4 years of low-frequency studies.


Continuous training for teachers in pre-university education:

  • Fine Arts / Technological Education
  • Thematic programs


The artistic and research work of students is supported by participation in republican and international art exhibitions / competitions, workshops, creative camps, conferences, seminars, trainings, study visits in art museums, history and ethnography, etc. The students of the “Fine Arts and Design” faculty have various opportunities: exhibiting the creative and licensing works at the “UniverArt” Art Gallery and at the “Constantin Brâncuşi” Exhibition Center; training in specialized practices in specialized institutions in the country and abroad; the opportunity to participate in international mobility and internships.


Students can benefit from:

  • Places in student hostels;
  • Scholarships / social scholarships / nominal and merit scholarships;
  • Awards for academic performance;
  • Specialized library;
  • Printing;
  • Dining;
  • Gym;
  • Urban transport (with discounts);
  • Free Internet in dormitory and study blocks;
  • Training at the Center for Artistic Education and Complementary Training.


Deadline for submission of papers July 2019

Documents required for admission:

  • application form for typing;
  • identity card (original and 2 copies);
  • the study document in original with that appendix and 2 copies;
  • Medical-type certificate (No.086 / e) issued in the year of admission;
  • 4 photos (3×4 cm);
  • Documents proving the family situation (if any);
  • the receipt of the registration fee.


Candidate foreign aliens are admitted to separate places. Foreign citizens can submit the file through the admissions committee.


Students can benefit from studies based on budget or contract.
Study fees

Contact persons:
Dean: Ana Simac, Ass. dr .;
Prodean: Rodica Spataru, lecturer;

Head of the Chair PHOTO: Cezara Gheorghiţă, conf. dr .;
Head of Chair DECORATIVE ART: Arbuz-Spatari Olympiad, Univ. dr .;


10 Cornu str., bl. no. 6, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2008

Dean (+373) 22 749383
Departments (+373) 22 748881
e-mail: fapdcreanga@gmail.com

The admission commission’s work program:
Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 16:30,
Saturday, 8:30 – 14:00 Chişinău, 1, Creangă 1 street, MD-2069
Tel .: (+373) 22 358336; 022 358302
email: admitereupsc@gmail.com